Aerial Surveying Services

D.R. Griffin and Associates has been providing professional Surveying and Engineering services to the oil and gas industry in the western United States for 40 years beginning in 1978. In keeping up with industry advancements, we have recently acquired the training and certification necessary to perform aerial surveying services.

Using a state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial System vehicle (UAS) and flown by FAA certified UAS pilots to gather high resolution photographs (20MP), and using the principles of photogrammetry, we are able to produce accurate topography and digital terrain models.

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These models can be used for various civil engineering and land surveying processes, including drainage analysis, future design for expansion, and surface subsidence monitoring, or any other use for topography.

The use of flight planning software allows for the collection of photographs in a pattern that can then be stitched together to provide for the extraction of elevation data using photogrammetry. When combined with the use of high precision survey grade GPS to measure ground control points, vertical accuracies of 0.1' can be obtained.

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UAS photography can also provide a safe way to access and inspect hard to reach, and potentially dangerous, areas such as the tops of tanks, or towers.

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The elevation models combined with the latest in 3D modeling software can then be used to create 3D images and renderings.

The use of high-resolution aerial photographs can be used for high definition wall maps that can be used for HES requirements such as ESD locations, muster points, etc.

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The ability to collect HD video in a circular or linear flight video also allows for the capture of sight conditions that might not be visible from the ground. Using video editing software, aerial video can be utilized in the production of safety, training, or orientation videos.

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